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Established in 2011, Saltley Stallions is a local football club based in Saltley, holding sessions at Heartlands Academy. The club aims to support 17-25 year olds from underprivileged backgrounds. Saltley FC is run by volunteers sharing their love of the game and in addition to football sessions, the club facilitates workshops for participants to help develop life skills in leadership and teamwork. 





Passionate footballers

The founders of Saltley Stallions FC wanted to support young people following the Birmingham riots in 2011 and bring them together through their love of football. Starting with a team of just seven players, the Stallions have grown into of buzzing football club with over 400 players across a range of age groups. Working with local communities and businesses, the club is run by volunteers and used as a platform to help young people into employment and education.

Our Team

Obayed Hussain
Syed Ali
First Team Manager
Layek Khan
Assistant Manager
Usman Azam
Usman Azam
Kevin Coleman
Non Exec Member
Mohammed Safraz
Janice Crosdale
Non Exec Member
Jamil Uddin Jaffery
Non Exec Member
Maryam Khan
Non Exec Member
Syed Taher Ali
Non Exec Member


Women's Football Club

Saltley Women’s FC is the latest sports initiative being run by Obayed Hussain.

Participants will receive football training sessions from FA licensed coaches and expert mentorship promoting wellbeing, empowerment, teamwork and leadership to develop their skills on and off the pitch.

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